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This year’s GFF Fall Season is a three week season from October 28 through November 17.

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Geauga Family Farms is a cooperative of five certified-organic family farms whose goal is to provide organically grown produce to the Northeast Ohio community. The group formed to create a more sustainable approach to supporting one another in the farming way of life. The inclusion of multiple farms means a wider variety of produce is available for our members. The farmers of Geauga Family Farms strive to bring you high-quality, healthy and delicious produce. More About Us | Order Info

Using the power of community-driven agriculture, we’re delivering locally grown food directly to you.

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Extend your season of fresh, local, organic produce with our fall share. Here are the details:

  • Our program will run for 3 weeks, starting October 28
  • Shares are available in several sizes

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Farm Share

The Fair Share: November 15, 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the final week of the of the 2018 fall season.

As we wrap up our final week of deliveries for 2018, we are thankful. The families of Geauga Family Farms are thrilled to have spent another year doing what we love best. We’re thankful that we have so many wonderful partners who have made it a priority to support local farms, and we’re celebrating the ability to connect with so many wonderful members. Your involvement gives us a reason to smile as we think about this past year.

We like to take a moment to look back at our challenges and our successes. Was 2018 a challenging year? Yes. Was it all worth it? Definitely yes. Each of those challenges provided an opportunity for us to grow and to improve what we do. Thank you for giving us so many wonderful reasons to be thankful.

In this last newsletter of the season, we’ve included links to all kinds of yummy recipes for the upcoming holidays, and a little bit of info on what’s in store for next year.

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Pick-up information: Pick-up sites are located throughout most of Northeast Ohio. Each site has a specific pick-up day and time.

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