2018 Fall Season

Fall Season Application

Please read everything on this web page for all the information about fall shares. For more information, please contact Farm Representative John Egan at (440) 749-6137.

This year’s fall season is a three week program running Oct. 28 through Nov. 17. The shares will consist of a variety of the heartier vegetables that will be ready for harvest in the fall. There will be no deliveries Thanksgiving week. Items in your shares vary as the season progresses. Payment is due by October 18.

We will be offering two sizes this year, a medium standard share of randomly selected vegetables and a small customized share for which you can select your choice of vegetables. The fall medium share provides enough produce for three to four people to have several servings throughout the week; the small customized share provides enough for one to two people. You can choose what you want each week with the custom share.

Typical shares might include sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, pumpkins, potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, radishes, lettuce, kale and Swiss chard. Shares this season may also include conventionally grown (non-organic) apples. Shares are based on what is being harvested. Only the customizable share can be adjusted to accommodate individual preferences.

The cost is the same per week as the summer season:

Medium share: $27 per week = $81
Small Custom share: $19.50 per week = $58.50


This year our fall shares can be combined with any of the extras for the duration of the fall season, or
you may add any of the items below to be delivered weekly à la carte.

$12.75 – 1 dozen eggs delivered each week.
$6.75- ½ Dozen eggs delivered each week.
$11.25 – 1 loaf of bread delivered each week.
$11.25 – ½ pt. jar of jam delivered each week (specify a flavor or we’ll choose).
$22.50 – 1 pound of ground beef delivered each week delivered with your membership.

A much wider range of extras is also available on a week-by-week basis during the season.

* Not all pick-up sites allow delivery of all extra items. Please check your location.

Terms of Membership

As a member of the Geauga Family Farms CSA program, I understand the following:

  • Members are responsible for full payment by the deadlines listed on the application.
  • Members are not sent notices or invoices. This completed contract serves as the indication of amounts due. Please make a copy for your records.
  • Payments are not refundable. However, members may recruit new members to take over their share and arrange to receive payment from the people whom they recruit.
  • Shares must be picked up by the time listed for your pick-up site. They won’t be held beyond that time.
  • If I do not pick up my share in any week it will be donated to a family in need or to an emergency food provider. I do not expect my share to be held beyond the pick-up site time limits.
  • Exact dates of harvest and content of shares will depend on weather and Mother Nature.
  • Some fruit and baked goods are not certified organic.
  • Organic produce is not always perfect in appearance.

General info

If you are splitting a share with another person or family, please include contact information for them, including e-mail address and phone numbers.

Please note that communications including our newsletter will occur via e-mail. It is critical that we have a current, valid (and legible) e-mail address.

Get the most out of your experience

Members who have the most rewarding CSA experience are people who:

  • Enjoy experimenting with new foods and new recipes – we do our best to provide ideas for what to do with the items that appear in your box.
  • Recognize that their weekly menus will be based on what they receive in their shares (rather than developing a menu first and shopping for the items).
  • Understand that all produce is not perfect in appearance.
  • Understand that the items provided in the shares will be chosen for them based on what is available in the fields.
  • Are willing to freeze, preserve or share items when quantities are beyond what can be consumed during a given week.
  • Are not afraid to eat their greens! You will be receiving healthy doses of kale, Swiss chard, collards, lettuce, etc.

About Geauga Family Farms

Geauga Family Farms is a cooperative of 7 families whose goal is to provide organically grown produce, free range eggs, grass fed beef, Amish made cheese, Amish made bakery and Amish made jam to the Northeast Ohio community. The group formed to create a more sustainable approach to supporting one another in the farming way of life. The inclusion of multiple farms means a wider variety of produce and extras is available for our members. The farmers of Geauga Family Farms strive to bring you high-quality, healthy and delicious produce and other foods.

The farmers run a CSA program, short for Community Supported Agriculture. Members of the CSA pay up front for a share of organically grown produce they will receive on a weekly basis throughout the  season. By purchasing a share from Geauga Family Farms at the beginning of the season, members provide financial support to the farms when it is most needed. This approach also means that what members receive is tied to the growing conditions, but the wide variety of produce that can be planted by multiple farms means that if it is a bad year for one item, you’ll get others instead.

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