2019 Summer Season Info

Pick-up sites are located in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Portage and Summit counties.

Use the coupon code “PRORATE” during checkout to get your prorated discount
if signing up for a share after the season has started!

Pickup dates start Tuesday, June 11, Thursday, June 13
and Saturday, June 15

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Please scroll down for all the information you need on membership in our CSA. 

Geauga Family Farms is a cooperative of four certified-organic-naturally grown family farms whose goal is to provide organic-naturally grown produce to the Northeast Ohio community. The group formed to create a more sustainable approach to supporting one another in the farming way of life. The inclusion of multiple farms means a wider variety of produce is available for our members. The farmers of Geauga Family Farms strive to bring you high-quality, healthy and delicious produce.

The farmers run a CSA program, short for Community Supported Agriculture. Members of the CSA pay up front for a share of certified-organic naturally grown produce they will receive on a weekly basis throughout the season. By purchasing a share from Geauga Family Farms at the beginning of the season, members provide financial support to the farms when it is most needed. This approach also means that what members receive is tied to the growing conditions, but the wide variety of produce that can be planted by multiple farms means that if it is a bad year for one item, you’ll get others instead.

In 2019…

The small share seemed to be a success for 2018
We will continue the customized small share for Summer 2019. This share is equivalent to the small share in volume. Members will select their produce from the farm store to fill each week’s share.

Returning Member Discounts

All returning members receive a 10 percent discount for shares PAID IN FULL by Jan. 15th. (USE COUPON CODE earlyreturn19). Returning members receive a 5 percent discount if NOT paying in full (USE COUPON CODE return19)

You have the choice of paying for your share with a check by mail or online with a check or credit card.

Payment plan
We offer a payment plan which breaks down the total cost into three equal payments. The latest you may take advantage of the payment plan is March 31; otherwise you need to pay for a share in full. When you sign up, your three equal payments will be due as follows: the first upon signing up, the second on the first of the next month following your sign-up date; and the third and final payment on the first of the next month. If you are paying by check, it requires mailing in all three checks at once. If you are paying online, three payments will be automatically deducted from your credit card, each one month apart. Please be sure to use a credit card that does not expire before the final payment is due. The payment plan does not apply to Early-Bird pricing.

Pick-up locations
As always at this time of year, we have some of our pick-up sites finalized, but not all of them. We will announce the complete list in the spring and follow up with you then to select your location. If you choose to pick up your share at the Yutzy Farm in Middlefield, you may select the farm option now. An additional savings of $15 is applied to those picking up at our farm location.

Pick-up information

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Our season

Our 20-week summer season begins in June and ends in October. Shares are delivered to your pick-up site of choice on a weekly basis. Many items in your shares will vary as the season progresses.

Information about the shares

Shares are available in small customizable, medium and large. The small customized share provides enough produce for 1-2 people to have several servings throughout the week. The medium share provides enough produce for two to three people and the large share provides enough for four or more people, with greater variety and more volume. The small and medium customized shares allow the member to select the contents of each week’s share from our custom farm store. The extra cost of this share goes toward the extra labor for packing each box.

Due to the growing conditions in this region, you may find that shares have a little less volume in the beginning of the season. We more than make up for this as harvests increase later in the season. Total value for the season will not go below the amount you have paid.

Typical shares might include:
Lettuce, kale, collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, green onions and strawberries early in the season, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, Swiss chard, onions, beans, basil, peaches and blueberries mid-season and sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, peppers, kale, pumpkins and apples later in the season.

Please note:
We try to include at least one fruit each week, but due to harvest conditions this may not always be the case. Please recognize that these shares are primarily vegetables. All of the vegetables in the shares are certified-organic naturally grown. Not all of the fruit is organic – apples and peaches are grown conventionally on other local farms. Naturally grown-only shares are available. They will not include apples or peaches, but will have extra produce instead.

Shares are based on what is being harvested. Only the customized share can be adjusted to accommodate individual preferences.


We are offering our returning members a 10 percent Early-Bird discount pricing through Jan 15th for shares PAID IN FULL by Jan 15th, 2019 only. All returning members (that are not paid in full by Jan. 15th) receive a 5 percent discount for shares ordered until April 31st.

Small customizable share – $390
Small customizable share – returning members – after Jan. 15th – $370.50

Medium customizable share – $700
Medium customizable share – returning members – after Jan. 15th – $665

Medium share – $540
Medium share – returning members – after Jan. 15th – $513

Large share – $850
Large share – returning members – after Jan. 15th – $807.50

Farm pick-up discount – $15 (Parkman Produce, 17050 Nash Road, Middlefield)

To receive the returning member discount, see newsletter for discount code. Code must be entered when signing up to receive discount.


$75 – 1 loaf of wheat bread each week
$75 – $140 – 1/2 pint or pint of jam each week (specify a flavor or variety)
$85 – 1 dozen eggs each week (certified-organic, pastured, GMO- and hormone-free)            $45 — 1/2 dozen eggs each week (certified-organic, pastured, GMO- and hormone-free)       $75 – ½ pound of Middlefield Original Cheese each week (specify a variety)
$140 – 2 ½ pound packages of Middlefield Original Cheese each week (specify varieties)

(These items will be pro-rated along with the share cost if joining after the season starts.)

Grass-fed ground beef
Before ordering beef, check to be sure your selected pick-up site allows beef deliveries.
$150 – 1 pound of frozen ground beef each week

When ordering extra items, keep in mind the ordering deadlines to receive your items the following week:

For delivery on the following Tuesday, order by Thursday at midnight
For delivery on the following Thursday, order by Saturday at midnight
For delivery on the following Saturday, order by Monday at midnight
(Orders not received by the due date could result in receiving a random selection of harvested produce equal to the average share for the week)
* Not all pick-up sites allow delivery of all extra items.

Terms of Membership

As a member of the Geauga Family Farms CSA program, I understand the following:

  • Members are not sent notices or invoices. This completed contract serves as the indication of amounts due. Please make a copy for your records. (If you sign up online, you will receive an email confirmation.)
  • Payments are not refundable. However, members may recruit new members to take over their share and arrange to receive payment from the people whom they recruit.
  • Shares must be picked up during the time period listed for your pick-up site. Leftover shares will be donated to a food pantry.
  • If I do not pick up my share it will be donated to a family in need or food shelter. I do not expect my share to be held beyond the pick-up site time limits.
  • Exact dates of harvest and content of shares will depend on weather and Mother Nature.
  • Organic-naturally grown produce is not always perfect in appearance.

General info

If you are splitting a share with another person or family, please include contact information for them, including e-mail address and phone numbers.

Please note that communications including our newsletter will occur via e-mail. It is critical that we have a current, valid (and legible) e-mail address.