The Geauga Family Farms Story

What is Geauga Family Farms? A cooperative of four family farms.

Who are the farmers of GFF? Mostly Amish farmers in the Geauga County area.

Why was GFF started? To save our farms.

In 2005, three older gentlemen realized they were witnessing the disappearance of farmland and possibly a way of life as well. These men got together to see what could be done to save our farms. They decided to start a cooperative to give a stronger, collective voice to the small-scale family farmer. They called a meeting to see how many people would be interested. Nearly 100 showed up! The group selected a board of five members. In 2006, they sold some free-range eggs, chickens, goats and cheeses. In 2007, they added jams and jellies, bread and other baked goods, maple syrup, grass-fed beef and some produce. In January, 2008, four of the founding board members stepped aside and they nominated four new members; three were produce growers. So guess what happened in 2008? We sold quite a bit more produce. We had a 350 percent increase in sales that year. In 2009 GFF began a CSA program, delivering shares to sites in Geauga and Cuyahoga counties. We nearly tripled our membership in 2010, becoming one of the largest CSA programs in the state.

So is Geauga Family Farms saving farms? Definitely. We are excited about farming. One Amish man decided to buy his dad’s farm and GFF helped him make that decision. Farming for a living becomes possible when customers are willing to pay a fair price for the harvest.


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