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Geauga Family Farms meats

Please note: This is NOT Geauga Country Meats. If you are looking for the butcher shop, please call 440-834-8476.

Geauga Family Farms Meat Selection   Geauga Family Farms Cooperative – get your meat from local farms! Is meat on the menu for you, your family and friends? Geauga Family Farms Cooperative can put dinner on your table and put your mind at ease about the source of your meal. All Geauga Family Farms meats are raised by local family farmers in pastures with no growth hormones and no antibiotics.

For current pricing and availability, contact Laura Dobson at or 440-478-9849 or Michelle Bandy-Zalatoris at or 216-321-7109.


To order ground beef for delivery to your pick-up site during the Summer or Fall CSA seasons, go to the Extras ordering page here.

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