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Week 16                       Geauga Family Farms CSA                     Sept. 19, 2017             

The Fair Share     

What's cropping up!
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Tell me what you eat,
and I will tell you who you are.

~ Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

It's apple season
Welcome to Week 16 of the CSA season!

It's apple season! Members with shares + non-organic apples, look for apples in your shares this week. 

This year, we are featuring apples from our partner, Eddy's Fruit Farm, in the heart of Geauga County. We always have offered Ohio apples in our shares, but this year we've gone extra local and teamed up with Farmer Bart at Eddy's.

For those of you with 100% organic shares, we are also offering these same apples for sale in our farm store. They will be delivered with your shares when you order them ahead of time, just like any other extra produce you order. They're available for purchase for just $4 a 4-pound bag, about 8-9 apples. Order some now for apple sauce, apple butter, apple pies, apple fritters, apple crisp, apple cobbler, the list goes on! 

Eddy's apples are not certified organic, but are raised using sustainable growing methods. They are sprayed, but with organic-approved pesticides as needed, so they are about as close to organic as you can get.

If you're lucky enough to pick up at Eddy's on Tuesdays, then you can simply run into the farm store and purchase all the apples you like, as well as a variety of other goodies Eddy's always has on hand.

Laura Dalheim

~ with Rachel Machesky and the farmers and families of Geauga Family Farms
In this week's shares
Look for some of these items in your share this week.

Cantaloupes, green and colored peppers, sweet potatoes, leeks, yellow, acorn and spaghetti squash, lettuce, cherry, regular and Roma tomatoes, eggplant, Yummy Orange peppers, onions, shallots, kale, collards and pattypan squash.

NOTE: You will not receive all of the types of produce listed above. This is a list of possible items. Different size shares and shares received at different times of the week may include different items.
Available in our farm store this week
The list is growing, and canning tomatoes are finally here! Want to add some favorites to your weekly share or preserve a bunch of your favorite veggies to eat all winter? Look for quantities of these items, small and large, in our farm store. More items are added weekly. 
Canning tomatoes - $13/half-bushel
Eggplant - $2/each
Green beans - $3.25/quart; $12/peck; $20/half-bushel
Green bell peppers - $1.50/each
Green cabbage - $2.50/small head; $3.50/large head
Hot banana peppers - $2/bag of 6; $13/half-bushel
Roma tomatoes - $3.50/quart; $15/half-bushel
Shallots - $3/half-pound
Storage onions, red & white - $1.50/each; $20/half-bushel
Sweet banana peppers - $2/bag of 6; $13/half-bushel
Sweet onions - $2.25/each; $20/half-bushel
Zucchini - 3 for $1.50; $20/half-bushel
Schedule make-up shares now
If you put your share on a vacation hold during the season, or haven't received your make-up share for July 4, please schedule any double shares soon! There are just six more weeks in the season, so you must use it now or lose it - they cannot be extended or held for a future season. Please contact your farm reps if you have any trouble scheduling your make-up shares.
Fall CSA info - sign-ups starting soon
Extend your season of fresh, local, organic produce with our fall share. You will receive items such as cabbage, lettuce, winter squash, storage onions, sweet potatoes, leeks, shallots, pumpkins, turnips, radishes, apples, cauliflower, broccoli and kohlrabi.

Here are the details:
  • Our program will run for six weeks, beginning the week of Oct. 23 and ending Dec. 2
  • There will be no deliveries the week of Thanksgiving
  • Shares will come in one size (similar to our medium share during the summer season)
  • The price for the fall program will be $162
  • Deliveries will occur on Thursdays and Saturdays 
  • Shares will be produce only, with extras such as eggs, beef and honey available throughout the season
  • Payment is due in full by Saturday, Oct. 21
We have a smaller number of shares available in the fall, with a more limited number of pick-up locations.

Stay tuned! It won't be long before it is time to sign up!
Members-only beef sale!
It's time to fill your freezer with beef for hearty dishes to make this fall and winter. Our beef is on sale while supplies last. The sale price is good for up to 5 pounds of each type per member.
Ground beef - $6/pound 
Stew beef - $5.50/pound
Place your order now in our farm store here
We include recipes each week using the items in your share. While we always find great recipes to share, we'd love for you to send us your favorite recipes as well. We will include them in the next newsletter. Please e-mail them to .

Ton-o-Greens Jungle Curry 
Olive oil, as needed
rack spareribs, pork cut into bite-sized chunks (about 2 pounds), bones reserved for stock
½ Vidalia onion, chopped
can (17.5 ounces) coconut water
ripe mango, peeled and chopped, pit reserved for stock
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
cups jasmine rice
cloves garlic, chopped
6-8 scallions, white and green parts, finely chopped and kept separate
½ shallot, finely chopped
jalapeño chile, cored, seeded and finely chopped
Fresno chiles, cored, seeded and finely chopped
(2-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
*4 kaffir lime leaves
3-5 garlic scapes, (optional), chopped
*2 finger limes, finely chopped
cans(13.5 ounces each) coconut milk
6-7 Tbsps. Asian fish sauce
6-8 new potatoes, roughly cut into quarters
5-7 small turnips,roots cut into quarters, greens chopped and kept separate
2-3 handfuls finely chopped kale leaves,tough stems removed
6-8 collard green leaves, stemmed and finely chopped
1-2 handfuls roughly chopped mustard greens
3-4 handfuls roughly chopped spinach
½ cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro
1/3 cup roughly chopped lemon balm and assorted basil (lemon, purple, Genovese and Thai)
¼ cup chopped roasted unsalted peanuts
Big pinch dried chile threads (optional)
Preheat a grill to medium-high heat. Preheat a large cast-iron skillet on grill. 

To start the stock, coat hot skillet with oil, add rib bones, and cook, turning occasionally, until bones brown on all sides and some nice brown bits develop on bottom of pan, about 8 minutes. Add onion and coconut water and squeeze in juice from mango pit. Let broth simmer for about 10 minutes while you prepare the curry. 

In a baking dish, toss pork with oil to coat and season with salt and pepper. Preheat a 5-quart Dutch oven to medium-high heat on grill. Coat bottom of pot with oil and brown pork in batches, 3-4 minutes per batch.

To get the rice going, bring 4 cups water to a boil in a medium pot. Stir in rice and a pinch of salt, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes, adding more water and continuing to cook if rice is still firm. Cover and keep warm until ready to serve. 

Return browned pork to Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add garlic, white part of scallions, shallot, jalapeño and Fresno chiles, ginger and kaffir lime leaves. Using a wooden spoon, stir and cook for 2-3 minutes. Stir in garlic scapes (if using) and finger limes and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Remove bones from skillet and pour stock over aromatics in Dutch oven followed by coconut milk and fish sauce; simmer for 3 minutes. Stir in potatoes, turnips, kale, collards and mango; simmer for 7 minutes. Stir in mustard greens and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Stir in spinach and simmer for another 2-3 minutes until greens are wilted.

Mound warm rice in a family-style serving bowl and sprinkle with about half of the scallion greens. Ladle curry over rice and garnish with cilantro, lemon balm and assorted basil, peanuts, chile threads and remaining scallion greens. 

*If you're not into searching Asian groceries for the less common items, search Google for substitutions. For the kaffir lime leaves, Kitchen Savvy says you can use 

1/2 a small bay leaf, 


1/4 tsp. of lime zest or 

1/8 tsp. of fresh lemon thyme.


Recipe from (Click here for a video)
Area Events

Fresh from Geauga Family Farms CSA Cooking Class
Friday, Sept. 29, 6 p.m.
Loretta Paganini School of Cooking, 8613 Mayfield Road, Chesterland
Cost: $45 for members, $65 for non-members (The extra $20 covers the cost of a week's share, which is sent home with the student.)

Using products delivered straight from Geauga Family Farms Community Supported Agriculture bags, attendees will prepare and take home the week's share for several wholesome and delicious dishes. Chef Kate will lead the group in all aspects of preparation, packaging, will offer tips on handling and storage, and demonstrate how to make three dishes as she prepares a tasty meal for the group. One of the Farmers will also be at each class to answer questions. If you've ever been stumped by how to use the surprise items in your CSA, this is the place to find inspiration!

There will be additional classes each month. Visit for more information.

To sign up for the class, click here.

Local food, farming, environment in the news
We have so many things we'd like to share with you regarding the local food movement, what is affecting the food you eat and the world around us, and much, much more, but we don't want to make our newsletter any
longer. So, we include links to articles you may find interesting. Here are a few. If you run across any articles you find interesting and think other members would be interested in reading, feel free to send us the link for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter.
(Between the regular business hours of 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday ONLY PLEASE!)
Farm Representatives

Laura Dalheim, 440-478-9849,
Rachel Machesky216-246-8254,  

Geauga Family Farms, Middlefield, Ohio 44062
Geauga Family Farms, 16505 Mumford Road, Burton, OH 44021
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